12 things needed by a virtual audience

In an article published in May 2013, Emilie Barta highlights 12 things the virtual audience needs.

You can read the whole article here: http://planyourmeetings.com/2013/05/03/virtual-audiences-need-you-in-at-least-a-dozen-ways/?cat=Advice#.UfB2fJVVtQy

“Here are 12 things the virtual audience needs from you:

  1. A combination of shared and custom content, so they not only share in the experience, they have an experience all their own.
  2. Crisp audio, visually stimulating video and a user-intuitive virtual venue so they don’t get frustrated and walk away.
  3. Speakers who present content, ideas and discussions to them, not around them, so they can make “eye-contact” with the educator and be engaged in the conversation.
  4. An advocate who acts as their eyes, ears and voice in the room.
  5. Their questions answered and their comments heard so they feel like an appreciated audience member and not an unwelcome guest.
  6. A 360-degree view of the action, so they know what they’re missing but do not feel like they’re missing out.
  7. To know what is happening now and what is coming up next so they can plan their schedules accordingly.
  8. To be provided with tools that they trust so they feel comfortable using them and use them often.
  9. To constantly be told how they can participate through visual and audio reminders so they’re not at a loss for “words.”
  10. To be able to network with their peers no matter where they’re located, so they don’t miss out on valuable “hallway handshakes.”
  11. An immediate and well-organized archive so they can go back to see what they missed and continue any conversations they started.
  12. This might be the most popular. Do you know the other thing your virtual audience needs? Bathroom breaks! But be sure they know exactly when to return and what they’ll miss if they don’t.”

Real-time engagement tools

Virtual events are a great complement to in-person events, and they aren’t meant to replace them, as face-to-face interactions are essential for business.

That is why Visiofair has integrated real-time engagement tools within its software platform, in order to enhance the visitors’ experience by putting a touch of humanity at the heart of web exchanges.

Discover those functionalities by watching this video:


Getting accurate measurements about the leads

You are wondering how virtual events can help you get accurate measurements about the leads?

As attendees have to register themselves to log in, the Visiofair platform grabs the data given by them and analyzes it. You know accurately who browsed your event and when, since the software enables keeping track of who logged in. It even collects the information of participants and their names.
Moreover, you can see what documents they viewed, what files they downloaded and kept, helping you to know what exactly they are interested in. This kind of data is invaluable for sales personnel. In the same way, you don’t have to stand by a booth and count how many people go in: so does the software. With our application VisiofairWatch, you even get notified anytime an attendee is on your booth,  without having to be online!

That’s the difference between looking up a name while hoping for the best and getting all the information you wanted to know on a qualified lead. Holding a virtual event means being able to keep track of everything that happens.