Increasing customer loyalty


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A virtual trade show should not only generate new leads, but also qualify existing contacts and better serve valuable customers. Increasing customer loyalty is one of the top goals for businesses. With different instruments, you can know better the needs of a customer. Be it in personal conversation online, whether using statistical methods or individualized online modules, virtual trade shows enable to improve customer loyalty. Methods have been developed to invite customers and make them come back to your booths, to increase the contact frequency and to help customers better qualify with almost every click. The better you know your customers, the more you can target them.



Lead generation


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A virtual trade show offers many options to meet potential clients, to get new contacts and qualify prospects. To achieve this, we use a new technology that increases the number of visitors. It is not about increasing absolutely the click through rate, but rather about achieving the right visitors from the intended target groups.

Not only the technology is required here, but also you have to prepare the right content and present it so that it is best ranked in search engine relevance. Communication strategy and technology must be optimally coordinated in order to achieve great results

Tailored advice on the booths


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We recommend you to establish a personalized contact, even on a virtual trade show. From the perspective of the visitor, it is an essential part of their motivation to attend a trade fair. From a technical perspective, it is now possible to offer a personalized contact on a virtual trade show booth, no download or  installation are required, neither changing the media. The visitors can see photos or even videos of the staff on the booth of the exhibitor. If they want to, the users can click on one of those people and speak with them. The conversation takes place in a chat window, because this technology does not require any additional installation. If the users are equipped with speaker and microphone, they can also be communicating via VoIP, then the installation of a program is usually required.

The advantage of written communication is that the conversation between the visitor and the consultant can be saved. This facilitates the follow-up considerably.

Bringing out the key aspects of a trade show


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A virtual trade show should represent the essential aspects of a physical trade show. This way, a virtual fair can meet the needs of demanding visitors, can be relevant and can support business. This is no easy task, but it is well worth the effort.

What are the key aspects of a trade show?

1. The visitors expect a good overview of the market and to get to know about the industry. A fair is held in one place for a limited period.

2 Visitors want to see products.They want to learn about new technologies, new trends.

3 At a trade show, there are not only objects and products, but above all else there are people. Visitors meet exhibitors, the providers of the products. Here one learns to know himself or consolidating existing contacts.

Low entry threshold


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An online trade show should be quick and easy for visitors to explore. A low entry threshold is like an open door – it is welcoming and makes you curious. Who makes entry difficult for visitors, whether through technical hurdles or lengthy registration procedures, quickly makes a few prospects run away.


Therefore, we recommend to make the access to the virtual trade show so that visitors can quickly and easily have a look at the content. Who is already there, which can also present other offers that may also be associated with a subscription to the premium segment. The motto is: first pass, then take. That is to say: first arouse interest, then check address.

Benefits of a virtual event for visitors


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For visitors, the online trade show is especially convenient. You can sit back in the chair, don’t have to get into the car or to wait for trains. Convenience assured.


Visitors can more conveniently and quickly visit a virtual fair, than a real show. No traffic jams on highways, no traveling, no changes. One click and you’re there. You also no longer endlessly wander from hall to hall. Convenient search tools and different summaries grouped by product groups and categories make it easier to search.


To attend a virtual trade show as a visitor, entry fees are not generally required. Also, travel and accommodation costs are eliminated.

Benefits of a virtual event for exhibitors

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A virtual exhibition has many advantages over a real fair. There are advantages to a trade show exhibitors and for visitors to the fair. The benefits for exhibitors are:

The costs

Participation as an exhibitor at a virtual trade show is cheaper than attending a live exhibition in general. There are no booth fees due, no booth construction logistics and no travel expenses. Some exhibitors also do without booth staff, we do not recommend this approach. In a virtual fair, the costs depend on the preparation of the exhibition portal, on additional services such as chatting via web camera, the latest news and press releases to upload, maintenance etc. Pay attention to the content.

Reaching new customers

With a virtual trade show, exhibitors can reach potential customers who have not yet made their way to the in-person event. Many visitors can’t visit all the fairs that would interest them due to time constraints. An equivalent virtual exhibition can be reached very quickly and isn’t expensive. Thus, and because distance plays no role, the number of contacts and the scope of the exhibiting company increase.

Time advantage

The virtual trade show brings a significant time advantage for both exhibitors and visitors. Exhibitors will not only save travel time, but also time for the production, design, and dismantling of the booth.

Extensive data exploitation

A virtual trade show offers many possibilities of using data extensively. Visitors leave all kinds of data such as connection date, length of stay, frequency of visits, keywords etc. A virtual trade show can offer its exhibitors a lot of valuable data that can be used to improve customer relationship management.

Additional services

A virtual trade show can offer all year round additional services that permanently benefit the exhibitors. These additional services should be considered in the communication about the virtual event.

Virtual trade fair: a complement to online marketing

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With virtual trade shows, an innovative online marketing tool is now available. Cost advantages over in-person trade shows, extensive analysis and evaluation functionalities make the online exhibition an interesting tool in the marketing mix. New technologies make possible a large communication range for online events.

Many companies plan to expand their investments in online marketing because they often bring cost benefits. In addition to e-mail marketing, banner advertising and online PR, is now established a specialized online format: the virtual exhibition. Companies in an industry showcase their products and services on virtual objects. With innovative technologies that are tailored to the online communication methods, a trade show can be mapped almost fully virtual. The virtual fair also offers tools that go beyond the offer of a physical trade show.

The company bluehands Co.mmunication GmbH & KG has now compiled what an online exhibition can offer today: on their website, you can find information about the advantages of a virtual fair, which technologies are available today and what is really useful.

For a company, the main reason for attending or not attending a virtual trade show is often the cost. Therefore, the concept of virtual exhibition is modular. Businesses can plan the key elements for them and then reduce the cost of less important elements.

Besides the cost factor, the virtual trade show offers further advantages. For example, visitors and customers can talk with representatives of the company, just like in a physical exhibition hall. However, access routes drop off on both sides. Text chat, webcam, and voice over IP communication is possible depending on the medium chosen by the customer. Even business cards are exchanged at online exhibitions, and brochures are available for download in different formats, from PDF to 3D views. For exhibitors, the extensive log-file analysis facilitates the follow-up. It gives information about the visitor behavior and shows ways to optimize the virtual booth.



A few words about virtual trade shows

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Trade shows are a popular marketing and sales medium. Many companies present their products at major industry trade shows and small regional fairs.
At the same time, cost pressures in international competition and the importance of electronic marketplaces for sales are steadily increasing. Through the Internet, companies can make a lot of trading and customer communication processes more efficient.

Mixing fairs and the Internet, namely building a virtual trade show, promises even more options and a positive impact on your business.

New efficient way for your customers

Take advantage of a new format, the virtual trade show, in order to reach more customers, to qualify contacts, to retain customers and to reduce costs. Find out what a virtual trade show is, how to implement them successfully and how they can benefit you.