Virtual audience needs

This is an article written by Emilie Barta, giving deeper insight into the virtual audience needs. Original article:

NEED 1: Combine shared and custom content so virtual attendees participate in the experience and have an experience all their own.

  • Use communication tools and generate buzz by crowd-sourcing topics to discuss and soliciting help from industry experts for Q&A sessions.
  • Selectively choose which sessions to livestream based on the urgency of topic, its audience appeal and the ability/willingness of the speaker to go virtual.
  • Provide dedicated virtual content before the shared program, during on-site breaks and when the shared program ends.

NEED 2: Provide crisp audio, visually stimulating video and a user-intuitive virtual venue so that virtual attendees don’t get frustrated and walk away. 

  • Choose the appropriate microphone for the task, and train every single person who will use it in proper microphone etiquette.
  • Make sure camera operators have live-broadcast experience and follow the action at all times.
  • Don’t choose a virtual platform for its bells and whistles or cheapest price. Do make sure it has a clean user interface, that the communication tools make sense and that it works consistently.

NEED 3: Make sure speakers present content, ideas and discussions to the virtual audience not around them. 

  • Speakers must make natural eye contact with the camera as if it were another set of eyes in the room.
  • They must reference virtual audience viewers periodically throughout the session and ask for their input.
  • They must make sure that questions from the virtual audience are answered directly to the camera.”

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