Benefits of a virtual event for exhibitors

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Translated from German.

A virtual exhibition has many advantages over a real fair. There are advantages to a trade show exhibitors and for visitors to the fair. The benefits for exhibitors are:

The costs

Participation as an exhibitor at a virtual trade show is cheaper than attending a live exhibition in general. There are no booth fees due, no booth construction logistics and no travel expenses. Some exhibitors also do without booth staff, we do not recommend this approach. In a virtual fair, the costs depend on the preparation of the exhibition portal, on additional services such as chatting via web camera, the latest news and press releases to upload, maintenance etc. Pay attention to the content.

Reaching new customers

With a virtual trade show, exhibitors can reach potential customers who have not yet made their way to the in-person event. Many visitors can’t visit all the fairs that would interest them due to time constraints. An equivalent virtual exhibition can be reached very quickly and isn’t expensive. Thus, and because distance plays no role, the number of contacts and the scope of the exhibiting company increase.

Time advantage

The virtual trade show brings a significant time advantage for both exhibitors and visitors. Exhibitors will not only save travel time, but also time for the production, design, and dismantling of the booth.

Extensive data exploitation

A virtual trade show offers many possibilities of using data extensively. Visitors leave all kinds of data such as connection date, length of stay, frequency of visits, keywords etc. A virtual trade show can offer its exhibitors a lot of valuable data that can be used to improve customer relationship management.

Additional services

A virtual trade show can offer all year round additional services that permanently benefit the exhibitors. These additional services should be considered in the communication about the virtual event.


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