Virtual trade fair: a complement to online marketing

Press release of the company bluehands Co.mmunication GmbH & KG. Source:

Translated from German.


With virtual trade shows, an innovative online marketing tool is now available. Cost advantages over in-person trade shows, extensive analysis and evaluation functionalities make the online exhibition an interesting tool in the marketing mix. New technologies make possible a large communication range for online events.

Many companies plan to expand their investments in online marketing because they often bring cost benefits. In addition to e-mail marketing, banner advertising and online PR, is now established a specialized online format: the virtual exhibition. Companies in an industry showcase their products and services on virtual objects. With innovative technologies that are tailored to the online communication methods, a trade show can be mapped almost fully virtual. The virtual fair also offers tools that go beyond the offer of a physical trade show.

The company bluehands Co.mmunication GmbH & KG has now compiled what an online exhibition can offer today: on their website, you can find information about the advantages of a virtual fair, which technologies are available today and what is really useful.

For a company, the main reason for attending or not attending a virtual trade show is often the cost. Therefore, the concept of virtual exhibition is modular. Businesses can plan the key elements for them and then reduce the cost of less important elements.

Besides the cost factor, the virtual trade show offers further advantages. For example, visitors and customers can talk with representatives of the company, just like in a physical exhibition hall. However, access routes drop off on both sides. Text chat, webcam, and voice over IP communication is possible depending on the medium chosen by the customer. Even business cards are exchanged at online exhibitions, and brochures are available for download in different formats, from PDF to 3D views. For exhibitors, the extensive log-file analysis facilitates the follow-up. It gives information about the visitor behavior and shows ways to optimize the virtual booth.




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