Tips for planning your online program

New article from Paul Cook, here is his blog.

“You have decided to hold your hybrid event and are now busy working on your programme designs. Yes no longer can you develop a programme for your face to face delegates and promote the same for your online delegates.

Now you have a second programme (unless your hybrid event is on a tiny timescale) to develop which is for your online delegates.

A face to face audience at a conference has made a decision to be there and be totally immersed in the event experience. Apart from checking in with their work and family on occasion they have no other distractions.

Your online delegates have also made a decision to be immersed in your event but they have many more distractions whether they are taking part from their office or their home.

In my experience, the online delegates require their own programme which of course can be worked around the face to face programme but the planning needs to be carefully considered.

3 Key Considerations

1 – Scheduling 

When will your online audience be able to devote the biggest part of their time to your programme?
This question will ensure that you understand where the majority of your online delegates will be joining from.
You could argue that as your event is global it’s difficult to know but as with all events you will have a target audience that you are catering for so be sure to look after them as your primary consideration.

2 – Time

Are you giving your online delegates enough time for eating, drinking, comfort breaks and time to reflect on sessions?
Some online programmes can become even busier than the face to face programme as there can be a desire by some event planners to add in studio interviews following presentations from speakers.
There is nothing wrong with this of course but please ensure that you have allowed your online delegates enough time for them to be comfortable throughout the programme in the same way that you will have considered the needs of your face to face delegates.

3- Interaction 

How does the online delegate interact with the programme?
How do they send in their comments or questions? Have you ‘walked them through’ all the things they need to know to be able to make the most of the event?
The easier you make it for your online delegates to become involved the better results you will have.”


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