Video Collaboration Benefits

Article written by Shirley Bloomfield, chief executive officer of the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association, about the many benefits to using video collaboration in business. The whole article can be read here :

“Exploring Multipoint Video Collaboration Benefits

This step involved bringing our 12 board members from around the country together visually for our monthly board meetings. I call this the “Hollywood Squares” approach to video conferencing. On each of our computer screens, we have a small, square shot of each board member at their desk participating in the call. Through video conferencing board meetings, we have increased our ability to draw everyone in to a conversation and keep folks engaged in discussions. It’s much harder to get distracted and check your emails when a dozen eyes are on you!

[…] We began our process reaching out and leveraging conferencing for members (customers), then segued to using it to connect staff and teams internally, and finally using this tool to bring leadership together for discussion and decision-making. We’ve definitely evolved through this process and are leveraging the technology as never before. This seems like a simple thing that many folks are using, but I’m willing to bet that many companies have not taken the plunge and invested in the technology yet—but with travel budgets tightening as revenue streams are challenged—this has got to be the wave of the future.

For me personally, video conferencing creates greater engagement and firmer bonds with folks. There is great value in being able to see folks’ body language and look them in the eye. Video conference adds a great dimension to dialogue and strengthens the connection between participants. I have a former colleague who always said, face-to-face is best. Now we can be face-to-face through computer-to-computer any time, any place.”


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