The hybrid event landscape

The Virtual Edge Institute recently published the survey results on hybrid events landscape, from over 1800 Meeting Professionals.
The article is available here:

“Hybrid meetings help meeting professionals in exceeding their goals.

Sonic Foundry and Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Foundation conducted research to establish how hybrid meetings are helping meeting planners to expand the reach of their events and drive business results. The research team conducted nearly 40 interviews and a quantitative survey which was completed by 1800 participants. These participants included meeting professionals, event delegates, technology vendors and consultants.

The research indicated that hybrid meetings are helping meeting organizers around the world in achieving their goals such as increasing sales, improving performance and boosting attendance.

Key findings

An overwhelming majority of respondents see the growing importance of hybrid meetings, and are planning to adopt this trend in near future.
– 93 % said hybrid meeting helped them in exceeding their objectives.
– 70% believed hybrid meetings will be an important part of meetings in the future.
-About half of respondents reported that they capture their conference content for on-demand access.”

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