Hybrid meetings and associations

How can hybrid meetings help associations thrive in a rapidly changing world?
The whole article can be read here:  http://theconferencepublishers.com/blog/virtual-meetings/how-do-hybrid-meetings-fit-into-associations/ 

“David McKnight, President of Digital Publishing Innovation, […] has been helping associations manage content and create value for members for more than 20 years. As the former CEO of Omnipress, he worked closely with many associations […]David believes hybrid events can help to solve some of the problems associations face today. “If you look at who is doing them and why, I think that’s interesting,” he notes. “Who’s doing them right now are primarily corporations. Why they’re doing them is to build communities. Sort of the opposite of associations – they already have the community, they’re just trying to serve it. So for-profits are out there racing to build community… ”

“I think as the for-profit world and some of our associations begin to fine tune and perfect and reduce the cost of the technology I think more and more associations will begin to start leveraging more of that because ultimately it’s about growing your membership, providing a resource to people who can’t necessarily show up and attend an event.” ”


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