Online attendance

When organized as a complement to an in-person event, a virtual event allows organizers to attract a certain number of persons who wouldn’t have been able to make the journey otherwise. It also extends its lifespan, and consequently its reach.Moreover, the Virtual Edge Institute “found that 80 percent of event attendees report that having event content available online is both an incentive and a justification for attending in person”. That said, what are the figures for online attendance?

According to the last VEI’s digital event benchmark report, online attendance is enjoying an increase, as said almost 70% of the respondents, against 42% for in-person attendance. 10% of them report a decrease in online attendance, which is very similar to the trend noticed for in-person events.


Other interesting element, around 50% of the respondents state than attendees spend up to 2 hours in their online event. In order to increase this time, it is essential to have the more content possible on the online event: the more videos, PDF documents, etc are available for the visitors to view, the longer they are likely to stay online. Those are encouraging figures for virtual events!


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