Unexpected and creative uses for virtual events

Below are some of the unexpected and creative uses we’ve heard around here for Virtual Events.
The whole article can be read here:

1. Attendee communications with anonymity – Give attendees a way to contact each other via messaging and chat. It doesn’t share email addresses, just user IDs2. Detect issues earlier – Open up your virtual venue and ask attendees what they are expecting for the live event3. Up the value of the sponsor package – By providing virtual booths for exhibitors and sponsors on the web site they can interact directly with attendees

4. Spread the love worldwide – One of virtual events’ benefits is reducing hotel and travel costs; that’s proving to be a bigger deal outside the US, particularly in Australia and New Zealand

5. Encourage events around your event – A event directory that spans both live and virtual helps people to create their own events that enhance yours

6. Automate attendance – everyone who attends a virtual event is logged, so you know who was really there

7 . Eliminate post-event document sharing – all the documents are in the virtual version of your live event, and can be put there by you or the document authors (with the right permissions)

8. Coordinate the event team – set up a private virtual chat room just for your team

9. Spread out the work – give different access rights to different areas to different people. Virtual event creation takes as much thought and care as a live event.

10.Get better data – See how attendees really are spending their time, not just did they show up for the webinar or not. It’s also great information to prove how beneficial your event was. There’s proof of what engaged attendees and what didn’t, measured in minutes and seconds.

And no one mentions this one, but it’s true: it expands your job skills. Event professionals who can handle live, hybrid, and virtual events have a leg up on specialists in only one area.


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