Best Practices for Virtual Events

Extract from a report dating back to 2007, published by the FactPoint group, a US-based research and consulting firm. The report is available to download here :

“Technologies have advanced to the point where these and other sizable virtual events look and feel remarkably like their physical counterparts while delivering the same knowledge-sharing and personal interactions. Virtual events also give event organizers and sponsors extremely rich marketing data.

Top 10 Best Practices for Virtual Events
1. Pick an experienced service provider.
2. Create an event strategy and clear goals.
3. Educate sponsors and then sell them.
4. Provide administrative tools to make sponsors self-sufficient.
5. Maximize attendee time at the event.
6. Drive traffic to sponsor locations.
7. Proactively interact live with attendees.
8. Promote the event on-demand after the live event.
9. Qualify and prioritize leads.
10. Conduct a ROI analysis.”

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