The market of virtual events

The virtual trade shows are now ubiquitous on the internet. And for good reason : the marketing and communication budgets are more and more limited. These are hard times: everything is about reducing the spending and optimizing the cost/contact ratio.

Virtual events – such as trade shows and conferences – are soaring for many reasons: they are cost-effective, they don’t require all the traveling and material resources that make a physical event inconvenient. Besides, the human resources management is simplified. There is no impact on the environment, which is very appreciated, corporate image wise, by the consumers.
According to the US agency Market Research Media, the events global market on the internet is reported to enjoy a 56% growth a year between 2010 and 2015, that is to say a market worth 16 billion dollars over the same period.

The Virtual Edge Institute collected and analyzed all the surveys carried out in 2010, regarding virtual trade shows. 71% of the companies taking part in a virtual trade show reckon that these are excellent to attract even more participants and to contact even more prospects (62%). Moreover, one out of five businesses has already organized a hybrid event, combining a virtual trade show to a face to face one. Last but not least, 75% of the companies would like to use a cyberspace in their events.

However, if the word « virtual » is mainly used to describe 3D events on the internet, Visiofair prefers the expression « interactive » trade show as, behind their computers, there are companies with real people. Would this phenomenon actually be the new revolution that would humanize the internet ?

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